Pai Gow Poker Online

Playing pai gow poker online can be very exciting, and playing pai gow express can increase the difficulty of the game play. Playing the express version is going to be just like playing the original, except in the express game you will only receive five cards, not seven cards. Everything else about the game rules remains the same.

You need to really see the overall game offer in the site! Visit the casino francais page for additional info! When playing pai gow poker online you can find the options to play for free, or you can make bets, and you will also be able to either play traditional pai gow poker online, or to play the five card express version of the game.

In the express version your two carded hand will be in the front, and your three carded hand will be in the back. The two carded hand cannot out rank the three carded hand. The very best you can expect to make on the two carded hand is a pair of aces. While on the three carded hand you have the possibility of having a straight flush, or a three of a kind, or you could have a simple straight in your hand, or a regular flush, and of course you could have a pair, or no pair, but you have an ace as a high card.

The casino game of pai gow poker online follows the same rules of determining the winner, as when you play the original card game of pai gow. The express version of this game is no different when it comes to determining the winning player. If both of your hands beats both of the hands held by the banker, then you win the round. If both of the bankers hands beats both of the hands you have, you lose the round. If your hand ties with the hands of the banker, then you have a copy, and you lose the round. If only one of your hands beats one of the ones the banker has, then it is a push, and no one wins the round.

Depending on the casino where you are playing pai gow poker online, you may have the option to make additional bets on the rounds.